Description for theGravely Model L T Head EngineValve Keeper "C" Clip. The valve keeper is used to retain the spring washer to the valve. It is located at the base of the valve, inserted into a slot on the valve stem, setting in the cup of the spring washer. The OEM part is stamp formed and hardened. The Cogan Valley Machine equivalent. I forgot to mention the spring assembly has to pivot on the lever as well. You can do it this way to buy more time on a worn out clutch. Search For Parts By Manufacturer & Model. Search. Repower Old Equipment. Gravely. Gravely 10A Commercial . Gravely 1138 . Gravely 12 Professional . Gravely 16-G Professional . Gravely 1742 . ... Gravely L . Gravely PM260Z . Gravely PRO150 . Gravely PRO300 . Gravely PRO3000 . Gravely PRO50-Briggs . Gravely Promaster 200 . Gravely Promaster 50. Models D & L. This board is for Models D and L walk behinds. 11: 36: Riders. This board is for rear engine riders. 45: 192: Other Walk Behinds. This board is for all other walk behinds. 7: 32: Commercial 10a Ignition by JRSTAS Oct 12, 2020 13:41:39 GMT -5: Other Riders. This board is for all other riders. 1: 1: Gravely Promaster 400 by 400 Nov.

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